Supported API Standards

Our PSD2 API services support well-known industry standards.

Czech Open Banking Standard (COBS)

The API is written in compliance with the Czech Open Banking Standard (COBS). This standard was introduced and published as a consensus format by the Czech Banking Association. The full specification of COBS standard is available at the Czech Banking Association website. Some of the additional development resources are also available at the official Github.

Supported Versions

We currently support the following versions of COBS standard:

VersionDate PublishedAPI Base URL


Application Context:

Known Differences

We know about the following minor differences of API we publish from the COBS standard:

  • We user more common /oauth/authorize path instead of /oauth/auth for authorization URL.
  • We placed application registration services to /cobs/2.0/applications context so that they do not interfere with standard OAuth 2.0 service namespace.
    • POST /cobs/2.0/applications - Create a new application.
    • GET /cobs/2.0/applications - Get the list of all applications of given TPP.
    • GET /cobs/2.0/applications/{id} - Get the application details.
    • PUT /cobs/2.0/applications - Update application information.
    • DELETE /cobs/2.0/applications/{id} - Delete given application.

None of these differences concerns the format of account data in transit. Only application registration (usually done via manual calls) and OAuth 2.0 Authorization URL is affected.